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Your holiday makes us happy. Helios Tour has a chance to show you Java at its best when we organize your tour. The active volcano Bromo is indeed a highlight, but in Java there is so much more to see. What about experiencing culture, getting into the land, talk with locals and have some discussion either about politics or just a chit chat. 


Traveler's most wanted tours

Start Malang: Bromo via Tumpang - starts IDR 650,000 // 1 day tour


All included: savanna, the Sea of Sand, the caldera, mount Pananjakan, and mount Bromo.



Start Malang: Bromo, Ijen & Sukamade turtle beach - starts IDR 3,449,000 // 4 days & 3 nights tour

bromo-ijen-sukamade-tour 2

Three of East Java's specialities in 4 days: the active volcanoes Bromo & Ijen, and Sukamade turtle beach.



Start Malang: Bromo and Ijen, drop Ketapang - starts IDR 1,399,000 // 2 days and 1 night tour


The biggest blue flame area in the world: Ijen crater lake. Visit both Bromo & Ijen.




Best value Overland Tour: Java & Bali


Java holds a formidable collection of charming landscapes, sparkling rice fields, active volcanoes, dizzling cities, magical archaeological sites and profound traditions in art, music and dance. While thoughts of Bali are those of paradise. Bali is more than a place; it's a feeling, a tropical state of mind.



Relax and Flexible tour


Take a break is actually a holiday, a real holiday in which everything is as you want it to be. You want a day of laziness? No problem. You want a day full of excitement? No problem. Take it easy and design your tour along the way. You will have hotels in Yogyakarta, Malang, Bromo, Ijen Plateau, Sukamade and Pemuteran.



Volcano Trekking: climb 5 volcanoes


The Ring of Fire is an imaginary ring of 40,000 km in the shape of a horse shoe in the Pacific Ocean. The ring has 452 volcanoes - more than 75% of the world's active and dormant volcanoes - and you will be climbing 5 of them; Kelud, Panderman, Semeru, Bromo and Ijen in East Java